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Luke 2017 Site BannerLuke : Meet the Man
We Meet the Man of Jesus as we work through the gospel of Luke in this series. more ...

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Luke Meet The Man #73 - An Innocent ManNeil Gatland
Sunday Meetings
Length: 34 minutes
Reference:Luke 22:66-23:17
Neil continues our study of the events leading up to Jesus' crucifixion.
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Luke Meet The Man #72 - Peter Denies JesusCraig Gale
Sunday Meetings
Length: 30 minutes
References:Luke 22:54-62
Luke 22:31-34
How would Jesus have felt when his friend abandoned him? How does Jesus seeing our denial of Him affect our lives?
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Luke Meet The Man #71 - The Goodies & The BaddiesWill Richards
Sunday Meetings
Length: 29 minutes
Reference:Luke 22:47-54
Will continues our series in the gospel of Luke. Today we look at the goodies & the baddies. What can we learn from them.
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Luke Meet The Man #69 - Be PreparedNeil Gatland
Sunday Meetings
Length: 32 minutes
Reference:Luke 21:5-36
Neil takes a look at some of the things Jesus tells his disciples will happen. He also gives us the challenge to 'Be Prepared'.
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Luke Meet The Man #68 - Holy Week PassoverCraig Gale
Sunday Meetings
Length: 32 minutes
References:Luke 22:1-23
Zechariah 11
1 Corinthians 5:7
Craig continues our series in the gospel of Luke with Holy Week & the Passover.
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Luke Meet The Man #67 - What Matters To JesusNeil Gatland
Sunday Meetings
Length: 34 minutes
References:Luke 19:41-49
Isaiah 56:6-8
Jeremiah 7:11
Neil continues the Meet the Man series with 'What matters to Jesus'.
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Luke Meet The Man #66 - The Triumphal EntryCraig Gale
Sunday Meetings
Length: 33 minutes
References:Luke 19:28-40
Zechariah 9:9
Luke 19:41-44
We return to our longest running sermon series of all time. The question - “How do you view Jesus?”.
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Luke Meet The Man #65 - Who Is The Greatest?Nick Peebles
Sunday Meetings
Length: 29 minutes
Our Luke series continues, with Nick looking at Chapter 22
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Luke Meet The Man #64 - Signs of the End TimesCraig Gale
Sunday Meetings
Length: 33 minutes
Reference:Luke 21:5-38
Craig speaks about embracing and preparing for what is to come
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Luke Meet The Man #63 - Jesus Last MealNeil Gatland
Sunday Meetings
Length: 30 minutes
References:Luke 22:1-23
Exodus 12:7-14
Revelation 19:6-9
Revelation 21:3-4
Neil shares the story of the most important dying man's final meal in history.
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Luke Meet The Man #62 - The Widow's OfferingCraig Gale
Sunday Meetings
Length: 0 minutes
References:Luke 20:45-21:4
Mark 12:41
Craig's first preach as our Lead Elder! We are back in Luke, looking at the Widow's Offering.
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Luke Meet The Man #61 - Resurrection of The DeadBen Martin
Sunday Meetings
Length: 40 minutes
References:Luke 20:27-40
1 Corinthians 15:16-18
Colossians 3:2-4
Continuing our Luke series, Ben asks “Which part of Christianity do you find most difficult to understand and believe?”. Resurrection is high on many people's list. We also played a new song during communion. It was called 'Elevation Worship - Resurrecting'
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Luke Meet The Man #60 - Paying TaxesCraig Gale
Sunday Meetings
Length: 31 minutes
References:Luke 20:19-26
Luke 19:47-48
Craig looks at what Jesus has to say about taxes and authority.
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Luke Meet The Man #59 - Parable of the Wicked TenantsBen Martin
Sunday Meetings
Length: 39 minutes
Reference:Luke 20:9-19
Ben continues our series in Luke by looking at the parable of the wicked tenants.
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Luke Meet The Man #58 - Jesus' AuthorityBen Martin
Sunday Meetings
Length: 41 minutes
References:Luke 20:1-7
Colossians 1:15-20
Galatians 3:28
Romans 10:9
Ephesians 2:10
John 15:5
Romans 13:1
Ephesians 6:1
Hebrews 13
Does Jesus have the right to come into your heart, overturn some money tables, and get rid of some idols? What authority have you given Jesus in your life?
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Luke Meet The Man #57 - Jesus' Triumphal EntryNeil Gatland
Sunday Meetings
Length: 34 minutes
Reference:Luke 19:28-48
Neil continues our 'Meet the Man' series with Jesus' Triumphal Entry
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Luke Meet The Man #56 - Faith for RiskCraig Gale
Sunday Meetings
Length: 0 minutes
References:Luke 19:11-27
Genesis 9:7
Leviticus 26:3-9
Philippians 1:22
Revelation 19:16
Craig continues our Luke series, looking at Jesus' view onfr bring fruitful and taking risk. What are you going to do with the gifts that God has given you?
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Luke Meet The Man #55 - Faith for SalvationBen Martin
Sunday Meetings
Length: 30 minutes
Reference:Luke 19:1-10
Ben continues our series in the book of Luke with Faith for Salvation. We also celebrate the baptism of Lisa.
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Luke Meet The Man #54 - Faith for VisionBen Martin
Sunday Meetings
Length: 0 minutes
References:Luke 18:35-43
Proverbs 29:18
Proverbs 13:12
Ephesians 1:18-20
Back into our Luke series. Ben talks about what we can learn from the blind man's faith. What do you want Jesus to do? Are you calling it for it?
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Luke Meet The Man #53 - The Pharisee and the Tax CollectorNeil Gatland
Sunday Meetings
Length: 30 minutes
Reference:Luke 18:9-14
The Pharisee and the Tax Collector – Luke 18: 9-14 This story is two men’s reaction to the problem of sin and their different solutions to resolve it: False solution 1 – Good works False solution 2 – Comparing ourselves with others True Solution – Falling onto the mercy of God
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Luke Meet The Man #51 - The Coming of the Kingdom of GodBen Martin
Sunday Meetings
Length: 42 minutes
References:Luke 17:20-37
Revelation 11:15
Continuing our long term Luke series, looking at the coming of the Kingdom
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Luke Meet The Man #50 - Lazarus And The Rich ManNick Peebles
Sunday Meetings
Length: 30 minutes
Reference:Luke 16:19-31
Nick pleads with us not to let opportunities pass us by. Don't end up like the Rich Man in this parable.
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Luke Meet The Man #49 - Being a disciple – Temptation, Faith and ServanthoodCraig Gale
Sunday Meetings
Length: 43 minutes
Reference:Luke 17:1-10
Craig continues our series in Luke with 'Being a disciple – Temptation, Faith and Servanthood' He also talks about the transition and sets some challenges for the church.
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Luke Meet The Man #48 - The Parable of the Shrewd ManagerBen Martin
Sunday Meetings
Length: 0 minutes
References:Luke 16:1-13
Hebrews 9:27
Revelation 20:12
Luke 6:38
We are back to our Luke series, looking at the challenging subject of our wallets.
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Lost - Part 3Ben Martin
Sunday Meetings
Length: 37 minutes
Reference:Luke 15:11-32
Ben continues our series on Lostness with the parable of the Prodigal Son. Luke 15:24 "For this my son was dead, and is alive again; he was lost, and is found.’ And they began to celebrate."
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Luke : Meet the Man #45 The Narrow DoorNick Peebles
Sunday Meetings
Length: 30 minutes
Reference:Luke 13:22-30
Nick speaks to us on his greatest desire for his three daughters. For them to know and love Christ.
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Fathers Day 2016 - The Father Heart of GodSteve Chick
Sunday Meetings
Length: 52 minutes
Reference:Luke 15:11-31
Steve Chick from Hope church Winchester visited us today to talk about 'The Father Heart of God' using the parable of the Prodigal Son.
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Luke : Meet the Man #44 The Need for RepentanceNeil Gatland
Sunday Meetings
Length: 33 minutes
Reference:Luke 13:1-9
To continue our journey through the gospel of Luke Neil addresses the need for repentance.
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Luke : Meet the Man #42 - You Have Another HomeBen Martin
Sunday Meetings
Length: 38 minutes
Reference:Luke 13:13-34
What is our reaction to being told that God has another home for us? Are we seeking His kingdom?
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Luke : Meet the Man #41 - My Way or His Way?Craig Gale
Sunday Meetings
Length: 28 minutes
Reference:Luke 12:8-12
Craig talks through the ultimate choice that we face to often in life.
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Luke : Meet the Man #39 Jesus and the PhariseesBen Martin
Sunday Meetings
Length: 36 minutes
Reference:Luke 11:37-12:3
Ben continues our series through the gospel of Luke. This week he talks about the masks we choose to wear.
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Luke : Meet the Man #38 Jesus and the DevilNeil Gatland
Sunday Meetings
Length: 30 minutes
Reference:Luke 11:14-26
Neil continues our journey through the Gospel of Luke. Luke 11: 14-26 Jesus and the Devil
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Luke : Meet the Man #36 - Martha and MaryNick Peebles
Sunday Meetings
Length: 27 minutes
References:Luke 10:38-42
John 11:20-27
John 12:1-8
Luke 10:5
Genesis 24:31
Nick continues our journey through Luke, looking at Martha & Mary and what we can learn about what is really important.
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Luke : Meet the Man #35 - The Harvest is PlentifulBen Martin
Sunday Meetings
Length: 45 minutes
Reference:Luke 10:1-11
Ben continues our sermon series in Luke with chapter 10. The harvest is plentiful. When did we last return with Joy?
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Luke : Meet the Man #34 - The Good SamaritanJulian Westbrook
Sunday Meetings
Length: 0 minutes
References:Luke 10:25-37
John 8:1-11
Matthew 25:34-40
Julian takes us back to our Luke series, looking at the familiar story of the Good Samaritan and brining some fresh and practical challenge.
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Luke : Meet the Man #32 - Meet the God-ManCraig Gale
Sunday Meetings
Length: 28 minutes
References:Luke 9:7-9
Luke 9:18-20
Luke 9:27
Luke 9:28-36
1 Kings 17:17-24
Matthew 17:9
After an 8 month break, we return to our journey through Luke. Craig focuses on Luke 9:28-36 - Jesus' transfiguration.
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Luke : Meet the Man #28 - Jesus sends his DisciplesBen Martin
Sunday Meetings
Length: 37 minutes
Reference:Luke 9:1-6
Ben continues our journey through the gospel of Luke, Jesus sends his Disciples
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Luke : Meet the Man #25 - A Lamp Under a JarNick Peebles
Sunday Meetings
Length: 28 minutes
Reference:Luke 8:16-18
Nick continues our series on the Gospel of Luke by opening up the parable of the lamp under the Jar. Are we hiding the light of the Lord in our lives?
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Luke : Meet the Man #20 The Centurion's FaithCraig Gale
Sunday Meetings
Length: 26 minutes
Reference:Luke 7:1-10
Craig continues our series in the gospel of Luke. Today we are looking at the healing of the Centurion's Servant.
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Luke : Meet the Man #16 Love your enemiesNeil Gatland
Sunday Meetings
Length: 30 minutes
Reference:Luke 6:27-36
Neil reminds us how we need to Love our enemies just as Jesus did.
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Luke : Meet the Man #15 - 4 better 4 worseBen Martin
Sunday Meetings
Length: 36 minutes
Reference:Luke 6:17-26
Are you a fan or a follower, Ben takes us through Luke 6 to find out.
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Luke : Meet the Man #7 Ministry of John the Baptist & Baptism of ChristBen Martin
Sunday Meetings
Length: 36 minutes
Reference:Luke 3:1-22
Ben talks about the ministry of John the Baptist & the baptism of Christ
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Luke : Meet the Man #6 Jesus as a boyPete Carter
Sunday Meetings
Length: 38 minutes
Reference:Luke 2:41-52
We continue our journey through the gospel of Luke with Pete Carter talking about Jesus as a boy.
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Luke : Meet the Man #4 The birth of JesusBen Martin
Sunday Meetings
Length: 41 minutes
Reference:Luke 2:1-21
Merry Christmas everyone! In this weeks sermon Ben takes us through Luke's account of the birth of Christ.
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Luke : Meet the Man #3 Mary, an ordinary girl?Neil Gatland
Sunday Meetings
Length: 35 minutes
Reference:Luke 1:26-56
Mary was an ordinary girl whose faith and obedience enabled her to be used for great purpose by her extraordinary God.
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Luke : Meet the Man #1 - An introductionBen Martin
Sunday Meetings
Length: 37 minutes
Reference:Luke 1:1-4
Ben introduces us to the sermon series on the gospel of Luke. Luke 01: 1-4 An introduction.
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