Prayer : Encountering God
Adamo Bartella, 24/03/2019
Luke Meet The Man #73 - An Innocent Man
Neil Gatland, 17/03/2019
Luke Meet The Man #72 - Peter Denies Jesus
Craig Gale, 10/03/2019
Dan Gatland, 03/03/2019
At Westpoint a couple of years ago, there was a prophetic word brought about pushing the half open doors to find out if they are in fact open to us. This word has played on my mind ever since.

Focus On ...


What is Care for Children?

Care for Children is a charity that is working to see its vision of a million children moved from institutional care into families. 

What does Care for Children do?

Care for Children partners with governments in Asia to help create a positive alternative to institutional care through local family-based care for disadvantaged children. They have worked for 19 years in China, 6 years in Thailand and recently in Vietnam.

How can I help?
  1. Support Ignite's fundraising 
  2. Support financially
  3. Pray for the work and its advocacy in Asia 

Prayer Points
  1. The strategic work with government through its partnerships 
  2. The work with grassroots organisations and local government partners 
  3. Creating a sustainable programme to empower a new generation of social workers to place children into families 
  4. To see nations' child welfare systems transformed to place vulnerable children in families

Who can I talk you?

Speak to Dan Gatland or look at their website at to find out more. 

Dan Gatland, 19/02/2019

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