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Spring is coming 

There’s a lot going on at the moment! As a family, Karen and I find ourselves looking at the near future with a sense of apprehension, a sense of not knowing what is to come as well as a sense of excitement. We’ve been heading into this season of change for nearly a year now, and in some part, the big changes have already happened. I’ve been appointed as and have been working within my role as lead elder at BFC for nearly a month, a step that once again widens one’s vision of the scale of the task to be done and the love to be shared. As well as this, we’ve said hello to our new baby boy, Levi. Through the sleepless nights and the awakening of having two children under two to spread our attention between, we find joy (sometimes sleepily) in each moment we look at our boys.

We are Billingshurst Family Church, Karen and I with our family, and each of you who count yourselves part of this particular family of Christians. There are trials, challenges and unknowns in the years ahead, but we are together in this. Through the joy, the tears and the tiredness, as a church, we are together in this. We are a family of people who God has brought together for such a time as this, a family who stick by one-another even when the going is rough, a family who remembers to seek out true joy in every circumstance, who take joy in every new believer in Jesus. A family who take joy in Jesus’ every move in our midst.

In this new season of Spring then, let us seek joy in the buds of new life and the flowers that push through the ground.  Let us pause and take in the moments to cherish and enjoy the colours and new life that is being revealed to us, both outside in our gardens as well as within the informal walls of our church and our own lives. Let the love of Christ flourish in our own hearts that we may share it with all who have ears to hear.
Matthew 13:9 “He who has ears, let him hear.”
With love

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