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A21 Silent Walk 

Across the world, there is estimated to be 27 million people trapped in some form of modern-day slavery. A21 is an international organisation committed to abolishing human trafficking and slavery within the 21st century.

On October the 14th a small team of us from BFC joined others in Guildford to do a silent walk. We joined thousands of people taking part in 400 walks in 40 countries around the world.


We did this chiefly to raise awareness, too many people are unaware that modern-day slavery is taking place in their own country, their own county and quite possibly in their own town.

We also did it to raise funds that go towards awareness campaigns, rescuing people and rehabilitating them back into a life of freedom. Every single person set free is a victory.

A big thanks to those who sponsored BFC for Freedom this year.


If you would like to hear about the vision behind A21 then listen to the podcast and watch the video below (prepare to be moved by this):

A21 Silent Walk 2017 Podcast

Please check out the BFC Beyond section of our website for more information.

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10:00am Sunday 23 September, Billingshurst Centre
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10:00am Monday 24 September, Billingshurst Centre
7:30pm Friday 28 September, URC Hall
Sunday Celebration
10:00am Sunday 30 September, Billingshurst Centre