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500 years of the Reformation

Sola Series Landscape 002

500 years ago,Europe echoed to the sound of a German lawyer-turned-monk nailing his 95 ideas to the door of the castle church in Wittenberg.  Martin Luther's intention was to start a discussion about church practices; to deal with the excesses within the institutional church.  In fact, it would start a Reformation movement that would sweep across the continent and change the face of Christianity around the world.

For a thousand years, Rome and the papacy had been the seat of power and the source of doctrine - so much of which had become more about rituals and traditions than biblical truths.  We would say that Christianity had lost the authentic gospel message and had forgotten what it really meant to live as a Christian (some might spot similarities with today’s church).  Luther’s personal struggles, his questioning mind and scriptural study led to a new searching for the truth about how we are saved, what it means to be a Christian and what role the church plays in the process.

To honour this historic moment and in honour of all the reformers (many of whom risked and lost their lives for the cause), we are launching a Sunday mini-series looking at the foundational beliefs of these reformers.  These beliefs are commonly summarised in their Latin form; Sola Fide (by faith alone), Sola Gratia (by grace alone) and Sola Scriptura (by Scripture alone)…and each week we will consider that belief and apply it to our lives today.

Join us as we study these pillars of the Reformation – and see how these pillars became the foundation on which we now build our churches.  Also let’s invite that same Spirit of the reformers to speak into our church today so that we might present an authentic gospel of power and make genuine disciples of Christ in our generation.

-Ben Martin

Sola 01 - Sola Fide;

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Sola 02 - Sola Gratia;

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Sola 03 - Sola Scriptura;

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