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Havillah SundayWill Richards
Sunday Meetings
Length: 42 minutes
References:Isaiah 1:1-17
Matthew 25:31-40
Isaiah 58:6-8
James 1:27
Will presented our first 'Havillah Sunday'. Filling us in on the developments of the children home in Kenya. He also laid out a challenge to us all, what can we do to help? You cannot walk away un-touched by this, you either take up the challenge or you ignore it.
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Luke Meet The Man #48 - The Parable of the Shrewd ManagerBen Martin
Sunday Meetings
Length: 0 minutes
References:Luke 16:1-13
Hebrews 9:27
Revelation 20:12
Luke 6:38
We are back to our Luke series, looking at the challenging subject of our wallets.
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Reformation Part 3 - Sola ScripturaNeil Gatland
Sunday Meetings
Length: 41 minutes
Neil rounds off our Sola series with Sola Scriptura (Scripture Alone).
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Reformation Part 2 - Sola GratiaCraig Gale
Sunday Meetings
Length: 37 minutes
References:Psalm 84:11
Ephesians 2:1-10
Galatians 5:1
2 Corinthians 1:15
Titus 2:11-15
The second in our mini series looking at the Reformation. This week Craig speaks about Grace.
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Reformation Part 1 - Sola FideBen Martin
Sunday Meetings
Length: 41 minutes
Ben starts our new mini series, examining and celebrating the 500th anniversary of the reformation. Today, the pillar of Faith.
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Baby DedicationsBen Martin
Sunday Meetings
Length: 31 minutes
References:Matthew 19:13-15
Psalm 145:4-7
Acts 2:38-39
Isaiah 61:9
Today we dedicate Connor, Ezra, Imogen and Theo to God. Ben speaks about what this means.
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Summer in The Psalms - 12 Psalm 23Rachel Peebles
Sunday Meetings
Length: 17 minutes
Reference:Psalm 23
Rachel concludes our Summer in the Psalms series, looking at how a shepherd settles his sheep
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Summer in The Psalms - 11 Psalm 37Lizzie Bell
Sunday Meetings
Length: 20 minutes
Reference:Psalm 37
Lizzie speaks on how life may not always follow our plan but we can trust in the Lordwe can take from the Lord our shepherd
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Summer In The Psalms - 10 Psalm 121Dan Gatland
Sunday Meetings
Length: 15 minutes
Reference:Psalm 121
Dan asks the all important question; where does our help come from? David knows in Psalm 121.
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Summer In The Psalms - 09 Psalm 103Ruth Feaver
Sunday Meetings
Length: 12 minutes
Reference:Psalm 103
Ruth takes us through a call to praise with Psalm 103.
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