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Two weeks on... 

How do we respond when big news like Ben and Lou’s move is shared? You might think that in my position as an Elder who was in on the news earlier than most it would be easier to cope but if I am perfectly honest that was not always the case.
When Ben first shared the news I was fine although a little sad as we really will miss Ben and the family not being around! But as the implications of the change sank in, both for the church and for myself, I did struggle to come to terms with it. And this only got worse as others expressed great delight for Ben and Lou whilst appearing oblivious to all the issues that this change would bring.
Eventually I am glad to say that I did get to a place where I could honestly welcome this change and see that it was a good thing, both for the church and for me. Many things helped, with two main ones being time and perspective.
Time because the reality is that when faced with change we will face a number of different emotions, anger, fear, denial,  to name a few and to deal with them properly we can’t simply grit our teeth and hope they will go away. We need to face up to them, pray about them, talk to God about them, and wait patiently for Him to help us get to a place where we can trust Him for the future. And this won’t happen in five minutes, it will take time to cope and deal with significant changes like this.
Perspective because we need to understand that change is a blessing from God that takes us from where we are to a better place. And perspective where we see everything from a Kingdom view that actually it is not about us, our comfort, our desires and needs, but about Jesus and what must happen so His kingdom can come in greater measure than before.
I know that we will face many challenges in the year ahead but I also know that God is in this change and that He will keep building his church both here and where the Martins are going. So please join with me in praying with faith for God to help us through this change, so that we can see His Kingdom come more than we have before, both in Billingshurst and beyond... 



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