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One week on... 

It’s been a week since we announced to the rest of the church family the upcoming changes that we are facing as a church.  As Elders, we decided it would be good to give everyone an idea on how we have dealt with the news personally, the challenges that we have faced and the way that our faith has risen for the season ahead.  Hence the blog.
It wasn’t long after I was appointed an Elder that Ben and Lou broke the news to us that God was speaking to them about pastures new.  My first reaction, aside from excitement for Ben and Lou, and excitement for BFC’s new season, was that seeing as I’d only been recently appointed as an Elder, that there was no way I would be given the chance to step up into the role of Lead Elder.  Karen fully agreed and suggested that perhaps I wasn’t ready at that time.  We put the idea to rest and although knowing we were without a clear answer on who would take on the role, spent time praying and seeking God’s plan for the church moving forward.  A few weeks later, it transpired that different apostolic leaders from commission had put my name forward to Ben and Neil as a possible successor to Ben when the new season begins.  Individually and together, we all prayed and sought God’s will for this decision and we came to the agreement that me taking on the role of lead Elder was the direction in which we should be headed.
This has been an up and down, rollercoaster type journey.  One that began with being resigned to the likelihood that it wasn’t my role to pick up, to the excitement of the opportunity being presented, through (to be especially honest) doubt in my abilities to carry out the task.  This has been an interesting time to navigate for me and Karen as a couple. 
Both Karen and I are excited and expectant for the coming season at BFC, it’s taken time to process but we have come to a point where we are more deeply trusting God’s plan for our lives and for BFC.  God has had us on a trajectory that has been increasingly moving us ahead over the past couple of years, our faith is that God is simply extending the time in which we are stepping up, our expectant prayer is that God keeps equipping us to do the things that He is leading us into, both as a couple and more broadly as a church.
Please pray for us as an Eldership team for wisdom and renewed vision and be asking God for how He wants to use you in the season ahead, at BFC.
With love


Craig Gale, 24/07/2017

Ben M (Guest) 25/07/2017 08:49
Good blog - thanks Craig!
Chris D (Guest) 25/07/2017 11:31
Great blog, thank you for your honesty. I am excited for the times ahead and the future of BFC.
Sue Gatland 30/07/2017 22:06
Great blog... thank you Craig! Praying for you both xx

Neil (Guest) 01/08/2017 18:54
Great blog - looking forward to seeing what God has in store

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