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Homegroup Changes 2017

At the Family Night on Thursday 29th June Neil Gatland presented to us about the upcoming changes to the homegroups at BFC.
You can download the full presentation here:


Homegroup Changes 2017

The following questions were asked on the evening and have been answered below:

How long would the homegroup pauses be?

Four to six weeks depending on the topic. There would be at most one per year

Won’t pauses disrupt homegroups?

Groups will be encouraged to meet socially and attend other events together.

If there are no outlines won’t leaders be doing everything in the meetings?

No the new resources will be available to everyone and the preachers questions will be made available. Will still use the 4Ws asa guide but there will be more flexibility for groups to do what they want.

How do we stop groups becoming clicky?

Still have family nights and prayer meetings together. Homegroups will be twinned and meet occasionally to widen contact outside of groups.

How many people in a group?

10-12 ideally

Can there be more emphasis on being baby sitters on other group’s evening?

Yes, we should have a more even split between the two evenings which will help.

Do couples have to go to the same group?

No, they can go on different evenings if that helps them both to attend more regularly. 


Download Homegroup Changes 2017



Switch on Friday
7:30am Friday 22 September, Billingshurst Centre
Sunday Celebration
10:00am Sunday 24 September, Billinghurst Centre
Rainbow Toddlers
10:00am Monday 25 September, Billingshurst Conference Centre
Prayer Week
8:00pm Monday 25 September, URC