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summer in the Psalms at BFC We
Summer In The Psalms

Over the summer holidays, we generally like to do church a bit differently.  To some this is a just time off; for us this is an opportunity to engage with God in a different way.

Therefore at BFC, we are going to spend this summer in the Psalms. Each week, I have invited two members of the church (who wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to speak) to come and share from their experience of a particular Psalm. We will hear different personal reflections from perhaps the most honest of biblical books. 

Because Psalms are designed to engage our hearts more than our minds; they are the brutal and uncensored response of a believer sharing their emotions with God through good times and bad.  There will still be new things to learn; but more than that we will learn how to handle faith in a world filled with doubt, how to live honest as well as holy and how to engage with God even when God seems absent.

My vision is that the honesty of the Psalmists and our brave speakers will stir a fresh honesty in us.  And that through that we will get to find a God that is more loving, present and available; more ready to forgive, more in control and more worthy of our praise than we ever imagined before.


Billingshurst Show
Sunday 25 June, Lower Station Road Recreation Ground
Rainbow Toddlers
10:00am Monday 26 June, Billingshurst Conference Centre
Football Social
7:00pm Tuesday 27 June, Lower Station Road Recreation Ground
Prayer Meeting
6:30am Wednesday 28 June, Church Office