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Father’s Heart Conference 2017


To be honest, I was the last person I expected to go to the Father’s Heart Conference last year.  Bournemouth is a long way to go for something I didn’t expect to enjoy; not only did I expect a fluffy, get-in-touch-with-my-sensitive-side (which I don’t have) moment but also because I thought there wouldn’t be anything I hadn’t heard before.
I was glad to be proved wrong on both counts.  This was not a spiritually ‘fluffy’ moment and I learnt a great deal. 
The conference was about applying the truth of our identity before God.  So often we say we believe something and yet it never fully impacts how we live our lives – we know the truth but haven’t yet let that truth set us free.  This conference will help everyone live nearer to the fullness of all that Jesus has promised and the Father has offered.  It will bless those new to the faith and those who have been Christians for decades (in fact, it will massively bless the latter). 
So if you think this isn’t for you – then come along (as I did and will do again) and prepare to be proved wrong, and to be massively blessed and pleased that you were! 
Come for one day or both – Fri & Sat 23rd & 24th June.  Transport will be available. 


Find out more here.

Chris Doney, 23/03/2017

Sunday 30 July - Sunday 6 August, Norfolk Showground Norwich
Sunday Celebration
10:00am Sunday 30 July, Billinghurst Centre
Toddler's Picnic
11:00am Monday 31 July, Station Road Gardens
Football Social
7:00pm Tuesday 1 August, Station Rd Gardens