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Westpoint 2016


Around 80 of us went away for the bank holiday weekend to the Commission conference near Exeter – most camped on site with a few staying in nearby hotels.
We enjoyed quality time to connect with one another – eating meals together, doing sports and crafts, socialising in the marquee and many more activities. We got to hear some excellent and highly challenging sermons, especially by Phil Moore (Everyday Church, London) and Mark Jobe (New Life Church, Chicago), along with great seminar talks from local and international Commission leaders. Our kids and youth met with God in their groups – many made commitments and were filled with the Spirit. And we joined with thousands of others in powerful times of worship, prayer, communion and giving.

For the offering, they were praying for £250k but that more than doubled to £600k! We felt a new sense of fellowship and togetherness both within our church and with the other churches. Guy Miller (leader of Commission) shared our vision and called us to be part of reaching thousands of people through hundreds of churches in tens of nations, which will be achieved as we send, unify, release and equip (our S.U.R.E strategy). It truly was an amazing time.

Bookings are open for Westpoint 2017 (24th-28th August) so as you are planning your holidays for next year make this a priority, it will be so worth it. Non-camping options are available – so no excuses there. BOOK ONLINE HERE



Westpoint Testimony 2016 – Chris Doney (Pro Camper)

Camping would not be our first choice of summer holiday, probably not even the tenth, but with Westpoint appearing over the horizon and the promise of Ben’s Bacon Butties (trademark) wafting through the air we thought we had better give it another try. Over a couple of practices at ‘camping’ during the year, mallets broken, cooking implements forgotten and freezing temperatures endured we felt ready for Westpoint! We found we were quite good at and seemed to enjoy this thing called camping.
Once we got the tent set up and ushered out all the extra children that appeared in it we made our way to some of the meetings. The worship was great, the children really got into it, and the talks and seminars were both interesting and challenging, God is doing some great things! Check them out online. It was great to hear Guy and the other commission leaders outlining the spheres mission also, Guy even treated us to a song! ‘Can you hear Commission Sing…’
The best part for us was the community aspect! Hanging out, eating, chatting and having fun as a church family! We were not worried where the children were, as we knew they were in someone’s tent having fun with their friends. We found ourselves getting to know people better and building new friendships. We even came second in a quiz! Not that I knew any of the answers! I never thought I would say it but ‘Bring on Westpoint 2017!’

-Chris Doney

Read Guy Millers Blog coming out of Westpoint.

BOOK IN TO WESTPOINT 2017 HERE (24th-28th August)

Billingshurst Show
Sunday 25 June, Lower Station Road Recreation Ground
Rainbow Toddlers
10:00am Monday 26 June, Billingshurst Conference Centre
Football Social
7:00pm Tuesday 27 June, Lower Station Road Recreation Ground
Prayer Meeting
6:30am Wednesday 28 June, Church Office